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This page is dedicated to the many different looks of Kokopelli as he is needled into history.  Here you will find pictures of Tattoos that have been submitted for display, some with comments, some just to show off.


  John (Kokopelli) getting his new Tattoo in Crystal Springs, Fl.
  The Tattoo is finished(Whew)
  Melanie's Kokopelli Tattoo being finished.
  Melanie's finally done with the hard part.
  Melanie's Tattoo today (Mine is prettier than yours!!!)
  Bill's Kokopelli Tattoo that he has had for several years.
"As you can see from my email address I too am a Kokopelli nut! The lastest was the tattoo I just got in July ! Thought I would pass it on to your site !My friend got the same one...she loved mine so much!" Carol, thank you for submitting your Tattoo pictures to the Kokopelli Kave.
I was checking out your site....thought I'd send this picture in.  It's a slightly modified Kokopelli that I got permanently attached to my calf last night :-)  I'm a songwriter/guitarist from N.C.  I sort of developed him from a lot of different kokopellis I've come across on the web.  He's sort of my little symbol for the funky punky folk music I play.  Hope you like it

Chris Woodson
  Heres some pics of my tattoos got one in Boise,Idaho and one in St
George,Utah. I love them Kokopelli is a interesting figure

John Sumsion

  John Sumsion
  John Sumsion
  John Sumsion
I was browsing and saw your site and thought I'd show you my new tattoo... brand new as of last nite! It was designed and done by a friend of my brother's in Glassboro, NJ. I've always loved the designs of the southwest and of the indian cultures and once this was drawn for me I couldn't resist getting it on my ankle. Anyway, I saw the others and thought I'd show off his great work!
Have a good one,
20 Mar 03
  dcaylor submitted this cool tattoo
  Hi, just thought I'd add mine to the collection. Ink done by Jed (House of Color II).
  Travis Murray
  Chuck from
Evil Smiley Tattoo submited this fine work he did for a customer.

  Urs Hofstetter "Greetings from Switzerland!"
  Lori submitted this tattoo for our viewing pleasure.
  Sin says "Hey, I got this tatoo about a week ago, he's just starting to peel. Heh, it would be the only one on the hand, that you have.   Similarily to the owner of the kokopelli playing the guitar, I got my kokopelli to represent my love of music, dancing, and life in general.  The reason I got it in the position it's in, is so when I'm playing the guitar, he's right there, on the left hand, dancing as I move my fingers up and down the fret board.   WORD!    He's just a typical Kokopelli,  just like me.   :D"
I decided about a year ago to get a tattoo of a Kokopelli playing a strat.  When I was looking for images for ideas I stumbled across your site.  Here is the version I had done this weekend by Pastor at A-1 Tattoo in Franklinville, NJ.

Since others sent theres in, here is a pic of my kokopelli tattoo. I have 2 kokopellis back to back with "gemini" written in arabic above.


  Hi, I thought you might like to add this to your collection. Joanne
  Here's a photo of my Kokopelli band.  I have three kids.  One played flute, one played the horn, and one was a drummer.  You can see where the inspiration came from.  I need to have them touched up since they were done a long time ago. Jay, New Mexico
  I have been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo for a few years now.  I fell in love with kokopelli when I went to Colorado to visit my aunt and uncle a few years ago, and I have been obsessed with him ever since.   I knew I wanted a kokopelli, but I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted.  My husband designed this one for me.  We were married on the beach in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  We go back every year, and I love to watch the sunrise.  He designed the kokopelli on the beach at sunrise for me,  and Tiffany at "Think It Tattoos" made it look like this.  This is my first tattoo. It's on my lower back.  I love it!!!!                                                         Karen,  Medina, Ohio


My name is Tim Turner, I live in
New Zealand and the tattoo was done in my friends
lounge by Brazilian tattoo artist Nasa.
  Kokopelli has been in my life about four years now
and has really been a good part of what I am doing in
my life, helping other people with disability
rehabilitate by means of art and dance.
  check out our websites (turningmobility is in dire
need of updating but Kokopelli appears in)

  Anyhow, thanks for putting my pics up and if you can
please help spread the word about our up and coming
festivals/exhibitions supporting disability.

  I used your site as reference to what my tat would turn up like. I just got it done today and took pictures straight away. Hope you can share it with your group. - Luke
  This is my tatto that I got of Kokopelli.  Just like him, Im a
mischief maker and musician.  I just thought it was natural.  I drew the hand myself.. modeled it after northwestern indian art.  Like the tribes from up near Seattle.
-Russell Phillips
  Hi, I checked out your website before I got my kokopelli tattoo and I absolutely love mine. Nothing like having a man at your feet!!! Shabari
  Hi there, thought you might like to see my wife's Peggy,  Kokopelli tat, this is on her right lower leg, I now have a matching one on left lower leg - Bear
  please post to your site if you wish!! - Andrea
  Hi  from Turkey. Here is my kokopelli tattoo. Maybe you could put it to your site. Regards Guncel Ozak Istanbul - Turkey
  Hi, I just found your site today, and I have been completely in love with this little fella for 15 years. In -92 I finally got around to get a tattoo, and I had known for a long time that I wanted Kokopelli on (in? under?) my skin so... If you want another contribution to your site, here's one from Sweden. The artist is Richard Bergh from Tribalworks Tattoo. Thanks for a cool site!! /Anna
  drawn by Nachbor done @ Badd Azz Tattoo Edgewater Fl.      Motorhead
Just wanted to post my first tattoo of Kokopelli riding a bike. I'm a cycling fanatic, both road and mountain bikes. Artist drew him in stone which I thought looked awesome. Already thinking of new Kokopelli tattoo.


  I'm  from Belgium and I saw on your site that you collect 
pictures from Kokopelli.  On the 7the off august 2006 I got a Kokopelli tattooed on my leg.

Hi there.  I have liked Kokopelli for quite some time now and I finally got a tattoo of him.  I found your website and wanted to share my tattoo with you.  It's almost finished.  It has to be touched up and a little bit more added, but I wanted to share what has been done so far.  Hope you like!!!!


  here is a photo of my Kokopelli  Tattoo


  EK in Las Vegas
I have always been drawn to the character and lore of Kokopelli.  I found Kokopelli Kave while online one day.  I have contemplated a tattoo for quite a while.  At age 48 I finally got my first tattoo this summer while on a trip to see a friend in Maine.  Here it is, and I LOVE it!


I came across your site, and as I love kokopelli and caving, yours seemed like a site after my own heart. So, I figured I'd contribute my tattoo (and I love that no two kokopellis are the same here).
I had this one done yesterday! 
I am a big fan of your page!!  Take Care!!


  Hi,  I enjoyed your website. I will visit again soon!   Just wanted to share my Kokopelli tattoo with you...hope you like it!


I'm 28 years old female from Turkey. My name is Muge. I'm Kokopelli fan too. I was searching for Kokopelli Tattoos and found your site :)

You have a great Kokopelli collection. My people don't know much about Kokopelli, so i cant find easly :(  I just have a necklace and a tattoo. I will send its picture with attach. I want to have a really cool and amazing Kokopelli who will live forever with me.

When i was tattooing my Kokopelli, he doesnt understand what is that and now i have a Kokopelli with short flute lol. anyway i'll fix it.




       This Tattoo is from Terry, a visitor to the web site.



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